Getting Started

The getting started page should provide information for how to get up and running with the design system.


Provide links and information for downloading the design system’s files:

File Structure

Provide an overview of the file system structure and how users of the design system should integrate the design system’s code into their project. This info will obviously vary depending on your organization’s environment(s).

├── css/
│   ├── design-system-1.0.css
│   ├── design-system-1.0.min.css
├── fonts/
│   └── [design system web fonts]
├── images/
│   ├── design-system-icons.svg
└── js/
│   ├── design-system-1.0.js
│   └── design-system-1.0.min.js
└── [additional files]

Creating pages and using components

Provide information on how to properly link up design system files in order to create a basic “hello world” template. From there, describe the process of incorporating design system’s components into the project. Again, this will undoubtedly vary based on the setup and technologies your organization utilizes.

Code conventions

Provide a link to learn more about code conventions.

Support and Community

Provide information on where people can go to ask for help, and provide a link to the contribution page to help plant tback to the system.